And it’s there, my first NPM module. One to be proud on, so I am!

Today I released my first NPM module that can compare screenshots against a baseline during Protractor tests and is called protractor-image-comparison.

With protractor-image-comparison you can:

  • save / compare screens / elements against a baseline
  • blockout custom regions during comparison
  • increase the element dimensions screenshots
  • provide custom iOS and Android offsets for status-/address-/toolbar (mobile only)
  • automatically exclude a statusbar during screencomparison (mobile only)
  • ignore anti-aliasing differences
  • compare images by ignoring their colors (do a grayscale comparison)

All with a few lines of code. See the docs on GitHub about how to install and how to use. More info will follow in the next months.

Have fun using protractor-image-comparison and if you have questions, feel free to ask.


Wim Selles