In October 2016 Eran Kinsbruner (director, author and mobile Evangelist at Perfecto Mobile) asked me to do something I never thought I could do,

..contribute to a book by writing a chapter for it.

Eran’s plan was to write a book that would be a guide for achieving continues quality in a DevOps reality. It should address the key challenges application developers and testers that operate in the digital space, that includes, web, mobile and IOT are facing. It should provide practical and real life examples by leaders from companies like:

  • Microsoft CA
  • Applitools
  • Blazemeter
  • Perfecto
  • and so on

But not only leaders from the mentioned companies would help, also a few thought leaders in the testautomation industry, including …… me.

A chapter was born

After some sleepless nights (I didn’t felt any pressure at all) I accepted the challenge, because that’s how it felt to me at first. A few days later I had a conference call with Eran and the first draft of the chapter was born. A chapter that would tell the story about what I did to implement test automation within the Online environment of the Rabobank by using the Open Source testing framework called Protractor.

The next weeks consisted of writing, reading, deleting, using CMD + Z, Shift + CMD + Z, facing a writer’s block and eventually producing a chapter that I’m proud of. I will not dive too much into the details here, but the chapter discusses all the tools that are used to implement the test automation framework and strategy for multiple feature teams.

Energy boost

For me it was a real honour to be part of Eran’s journey in writing this book. At the end, it was also a journey that gave me insights about myself, for example:

  • what I like
  • what I find hard to do
  • and what, next to my family, gives me energy.

Before I show you where you can order the book I would like to say some last words about the energy-point. What I found out during this journey is that the work I’m doing and the environment, in which I can do my job, really gives me energy. It’s that energy that makes me get up at 5AM and do more than only my job during and after work hours. Combining this with the big influence on energy I get from people whom like to share their experiences and knowledge I might consider drinking less double espresso’s (people who know me would agree ;-)).

So Eran, thanks for letting me be part of your journey, your beautiful and useful book and also, giving me the space to rediscover my energy. And if you are curious about the book, please come and visit me, or order the book here.